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Meridian, ID, 83642
United States

(208) 859-7326

Truffles etc. is the creation of Lisa Black from her passion to try new and evocative sensations.  Lisa does not shy away from unique and fun combinations of chocolates, fruits, nuts and tasty treats to deliver a wide variety of delicious hand crafted truffles and caramels.

Variety Box of 12 Truffles

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Our truffles are hand crafted for the chocolate lover in mind. Surrounded by a thick hand dipped layer of chocolate, each truffle is made from the finest ingredients to produce a wonderful and delicious treat.  

Each truffle is uniquely crafted and topped with its own personal signature.  A flavor guide is included with each order.

Variety Box of 12 Truffles

IMG_1012 (1).jpg
IMG_1012 (1).jpg

Variety Box of 12 Truffles


Choose the variety pack and enjoy one dozen truffles.  Twelve different flavors.  A great way to go if you can't make a decision among all the delicious truffle varieties.  Twelve different truffles.  Never the same one twice.

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